Shopping in person

We are now open most days, and for the majority of the time.

We don't have fixed opening hours, however, as things are still a bit unpredictable. Generally though, we open the doors at about 9:30am and are definitely here until 2:30pm. Outside this, as there may be a need for more than one person to do deliveries, we can't guarantee we will be open.

If you visit the shop, there are some rules which need to know about. This information is current as of 26th May 2020.

We are not allowing anyone to enter the shop. The interior of the shop has to remain as uncontaminated as possible. We will be packing and sorting out your goods inside and if we are not careful about sanitary conditions or control of who enters, we risk not only our own health but also the health of everyone who receives goods from us. The last thing we need is to become a source of problems rather than somewhere safe.

We are only accepting payment by contactless card. We have on occasion made some exceptions to this, but it's really inconvenient as we have to quarantine the cash and it all gets very awkward.

We have a set of rules posted on the shop window about distancing and strategies for minimising potential contamination. This has just been updated and reflects what information we have been able to deduce from media reports as to what the guidance from the government is likely to be regarding shopping in person. However, regardless as to what they say about how many people are going to be allowed in a shop, we are still not going to be letting anyone enter the premises in the immediate future.

The online ordering system is nearly ready, as is a comprehensive price list. As we carry around 1,500 different products from a wide variety of suppliers, however, this is not as simple to implement as you might think. Sorry it's taking so long.

See you soon we hope.