I know, right?

But seriously. This is a section that will be updated regularly until things calm down a bit.

Are you taking on new customers for delivery

In a word, yes. Simply fill in the registration form and we'll get back to you ASAP.

When are you open

Most days, from about 09:30. It's not guaranteed, however, as things happen in the most unexpected way. We do try to keep people updated on Facebook as it's the easiest way to communicate right now.

What do you sell

We sell organic fresh fruit and veg and a wide range of groceries, household goods, health foods, healthy convenience foods, vegan food, gluten free food, snacks, chocolate and protein snacks, organic rice, pasta, pulses, meat, dairy. Well, you get the idea. Lots of stuff. Pretty soon it will all be available in a format you can use to see if there's anything we have that you need

Are you shutting down

Nope, not at all

Has the world gone mad

Hmm. Well, that's a question of perspective. We have certainly had to change the way we do things and sometimes it feels a bit nuts, but this virus is a real thing and we have to act accordingly. Please take it seriously. We need to understand it better before we can relax, so follow guidance and don't listen to the conspiracy theorists. That's what we think anyway.

Why is this site so ugly

It won't be for much longer